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Now it’ so easy — pick one or few of our nine weekly fresh, seasonal and healthy recipes. Add it to your basket, just be sure you counted portions right before you order — they can be no less than two and than up, multiple by 2. What’s left is just to pay — by credit card, epay, or at delivery, but why hurry — browse the shop to combine your dish with some well deserved sweets, special drinks, some festive tablecloth or finally get this butter knife you missed every weekend morning.

We Deliver of charge. You only have to say where and when — at the chosen day and time frame your package will be delivered at your doorstep or to a pick-up point at your convenience. Leave the rest to us — we guarantee it will be handled with care and attention, as for a dear friend — all the needed quality ingredients in the exact quantity for the ordered portions (except for the kitchen essentials, as salt, pepper, sugar and oil), a printed handout recipe with easy to follow steps, and all the ordered add-ons for your perfect dinner. Just one hot advice from our chef — please, check out how and for how long you can store the package in your fridge before cooking and of course — please, please, follow exactly the steps.

A round of ovations (or two), for you

Simply open the box, read carefully all the steps in the recipe to prepare all the necessary cutlery and dishes and resolve yourself in the pleasure of cooking a tasty and not-so-ordinary dish, because it will be short — our recipes are fast, but the dishes are simply excellent.
And come by next week, if you’re found of the result — we’ll have tree new dishes every week and few more stuff in the shop, or we can take care to keep you posted once a week — just leave your email in the subscribe field.