Italian Caponata with cedar nuts and basil

9.00 lv
per person
Italian Caponata with cedar nuts and basil
Everything Sicilian has a special character. This Caponata shows it best, thanks to the aubergine, celari and sweetened white balsamic vinegar, that makes all the other vegetables so special.

p.s. you'll find out how easy is to prepare this meal from the recepie in the box, along with the ingredients.

per portion:
appr 550 gr per portion
proteins: 4 g
fat: 4 g
carbohydrates: 22 g


  • green bell pepper
  • red bell pepper
  • white balsamic vinegar
  • pine nuts
  • celery
  • fresh garlic
  • black olives
  • eggplant
  • cherry tomatoes
  • capers
  • basil
Keep at home: olive oil, salt, black pepper

keep in a fridge up to 72 hours

9.00 lv