Tabbouleh salad with citrus dressing

6.00 lv
per person
Tabbouleh salad with citrus dressing
This is the Arab cuisine everegreen -- refreshing, healthy and nutritios light salad with fresh parsley, mint, bulgur, tomato and citrus flavor.

p.s. you'll find out how easy is to prepare this meal from the recepie in the box, along with the ingredients.

per portion:
appr. 300 g
proteins: 6 g
fat: 5 g
carbohydrates: 34 g


  • groats
  • mint
  • tomato
  • parsley
  • green onion
  • lemon
Keep at home: extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

keep in a fridge up to 48 hours

6.00 lv